Thursday, March 24, 2011

spring break

so with spring break approaching i thought that i would be proactive and ask the kids what they wanted to do. instead of being bombarded with ideas or questions i asked each of them to make a list. this afternoon i received kaidens list. (in seven year old kaidens words)

1. Go to mishigon for 1/2 the time
2. go to china for 1/2 the time(bekause we have nevr ben ther.)
and i herd kung fu panda is ther a real detecev games
5. play soccer
6.celibrate averys birfday if i half to.

okay, so besides the wonderful spelling. i am one proud mama. see he didn't ask to go on a trip with out clear seven year old explanation. he didn't ask for new toys. he didn't ask to go to disney. nope. just asked for family. and baby i can so give you that.


Blessed Mommy said...

what a sweet little boy!!

ESolgos said...

I love this SO much! I hope Kaiden's Spring Break doesn't disappoint!