Saturday, February 5, 2011

where are we...

we are here. here is alot of paperwork. here is asking doctors to fill out form after form. here is hoping that no one looses is getting frustrated when they do. here is making friends at fedex with the man behind the counter . here is figuring out who will take care of all six kids if something should happen to us. here is wondering where all of the funds are going to come from. here is asking who knows our values enough to give us a reference. here is checking my email everyday waiting for the next step. here is finding someone to put a stamp of approval on everything. here is looking for birth certificates in kentucky. here is going through tax form after tax form. here is talking to social workers and international adoption advocates. here is asking question after question. here is not hearing answers as fast as i would like them. here is me not being in control. here is me being taught new patience everyday.
here. here we are praying. here. while our sweet little ones are there. here is where my heart is aching to know them. here is where we wait. here is where i wouldn't trade a moment of . to get there.

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HannahC said...

this is such a neat post. beautiful. I love your style of's very real and raw and are amazing.