Saturday, January 22, 2011

your turn

it is birthday central around my house in the winter. one cupcake after another december through march. candles, balloons, hand made gifts built out of legos. whether we are filling our bellies with chocolate frosting or singing at the top our voices we love birthdays. we are not big though on the parties. we don't believe in the spend hundreds of dollars to invite kids and then give out useless toys. or invite kids you never play with and get more toys than any one child will ever need. no we like the small stuff. the signs up all over the house telling that person how much we love them. decorating their bedroom door. fixing their favorite meal. its us. it fits us.

today though its tim's turn. and apparently it was pointed out to me oh so sarcastically by him today that i never write about him. he said people probably think i am single. honey, if i am single i never would have the amazing life i have.

you have pushed me beyond limits i never knew existed. you have stood by my side when i couldn't think about standing. you have made me laugh. you have made me angry. you have made me think for myself. you are an authentic father who loves his kids in the moment. you never give up on your dreams. you change kids lives in the classroom. you are discovering all over again who God is. you challenge me. you let me watch my stupid predictable shows. you keep trying and i love you for that.

happy birthday my friend. happy birthday.

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Blessed Mommy said...

awwwww, we SO should have sang today :( but Happy B-day to your hubby, all the same!!