Wednesday, January 26, 2011


when someone gets pregnant you usually don't hear people say why? why would you bring another person into your home? usually.
but with adoption many question come up. i made a list of the questions either i have heard thus far or my friends have heard. now i am not a list person so this is pretty big for my unorganized self. just sayin.
2. don't you have enough children?
3.where are you going to put them all?
4.why africa?
5.why two?
6.why not adopt from the united states?
7.what about the dog?(really?) can you do this on a teachers salary? are you going to feed all of them?
10. aren't you doing your own kids a disservice?

some of these questions are so valid. i have asked myself some of the very same things. (but not the dog question)
so let me try and explain.
we love our kids. we love them deeply. but we love Jesus more. we are commited to be His hands and feet to the world. from the time we were first married we knew eventually we would adopt. at one point tim had said that he wanted a brazillian soccer player. funny tim.
as time went on and we had not one but four amazing children we thought we saw our future laid out for us. but God had another plan. it always works that way.
God has given both tim and i an opportunity to serve Him in the mission field. tim served in russia and i have been blessed to go to africa two times. through these experiences He turned our worlds upside down. the last trip i took to africa in november i had the opportunity to visit an orphanage in sierra leone . i held two little boys around 2 or 3. i was done. i was done thinking that i could just sponsor a child and not bring them home. i was done ignoring my kids begging for a new brother or sister. i was done asking God why was He continually breaking my heart for africa. just done.
so i came home and started praying. praying that things would be made clear. because realistically how were we going to afford adoption? i know you all think that teachers are rolling in it but sadly no they are not. so tim and i began to really tighten our budget and payed off a big portion of a certain debt. we were determined not go in any farther debt. then our car broke. yep just broke. like can't drive it off the lot legally broke. so we prayed. not panicked. just prayed. God showed up. we were given a car in our price range by a loving family member. God showed up. and then He continued to. generous gifts were given through our church family that were clear signs that it was time to move forward.
so here we are. we are in the home study process of the adoption. we don't feel like our children will be affected in any negative way. they are begging for it. they are amazing kids who love Jesus. they see the broken world around them and want to do something about it. if anything they will be better people because they don't have everything that the world tells them they need, they have a family that adores them and a God who loves them more.
i may not have the answers to all of the questions.. but i know the One who does.
i do know that He took me , adopted me into His family. and He has asked us to do the same for these two little one.
it may be as long as a year from now. but soon we will have two little ones to call our own. my heart is overwhelmed with love for these two little ones. i can't wait to share our journey with you.
if you have questions its ok. keep asking. if i don't know the answer i can tell you about the One who does.


ESolgos said...

Amen and Amen!

Hannah Viney said...

The first thing I thought was not of a question....but....I want to be like that!