Saturday, September 25, 2010


i wish i were ten. ten for her is so simple.
simple things make her eyes light up. a call from her best friend telling her about a bird. a new found talent of double dutch. singing at the top of her voice in the shower, or anywhere else. climbing a tree. playing school with all of her stuffed animals. putting on a puppet show for all of us, snacks included in the admission price. a single balloon from a friend from another country. a snuggle from her baby sister in the middle of the night when she is afraid of the thunderstorms. chocolate milk that leaves a moustache on her top lip. simple things bring her joy.
but simple things also break her heart. when people forget her special days. when she doesn't get all of her homework done. when she skins her knee jump roping. when her sister wants to be alone. when she can't hear because the noise confuses her too much. when promises are broken. when her teacher is disappointed. when she can't memorize her verses.
simple things.
but when your ten its not simple.
it 's all you have.

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