Tuesday, October 13, 2009


are you kidding me? seriously. are you kidding me?

we went to the mall. the mall that i lothe. the mall to get her ears pierced. sweet little innocent ears. so we went.

so are you kidding me? seriously. there in the mall stood a half naked boy.not man. boy. selling. selling nakedness. selling pelvic bones. selling deodorant. selling body wax.rasing money for starvimg kids who can't afford clothes.

nope. selling. selling jeans...or clothes ...or socks.

selling himself. selling his pride. selling his innocence. selling his safety. selling himself.

and we buy it. we buy the clothes. we buy the perfume. we buy the ads. we buy it.

i told my girls to walk the other way. walk away from naked pelvic boy. walk away from clothes that make you feel you are not the right size. walk away from a store that says you have to be perfect. walk away and don 't sell yourself short.


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Elisabeth Corcoran said...

Naming names. You go, girl.