Thursday, August 20, 2009


my baby started middle school. my baby. the baby i was so terrified of bringing into this world. the baby that made me cry tears. the baby that made me an unwed mom. the baby that some friends suggested i abort. the baby that i got so sick from. the baby that i was so afraid to tell my dad about. the baby that changed. the baby that changed me.

she walked into middle school. walked into the can't get your locker open. walked into the taller than most of the kids. walked into forgetting to your gym uniform . walked into the petty girl gossip. walked into not having any friends. walked into tripping in the hallway. walked into teasing. walked into her first dance. and she walked.

except my baby walked proud. proud with her purple shoes. proud with her new backpack. proud with her packed lunch. proud of her cross around her neck.

my baby isn't a baby anymore. she has changed and grown into a purple shoe wearing girl who loves Jesus. my baby has changed.

changed me.

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