Thursday, August 2, 2012

new windows.

When we bought this house we were well aware that at some point we would need to replace the windows. Apparently it’s not green or energy efficient to have windows that were around when Taft was president. And for those of us that are history buffs…that was a long time ago. While I love the character and all the original woodwork of our home there are a few things I am not a fan of. The huge kitchen, the enormous closets, and the great windows. We literally can feel the breeze come in and out of the windows. In the winter we not only have snow outside we can also scrape the inside of the windows and have sno-cones. It’s really a win win situation for all involved.

The other night though as I lay in bed. I thanked God for our old windows. While the all too familiar red and blue lights came barreling down our street they stopped right next door. I lay there listening to people yelling and screaming at each other. Apparently someone had had too much to drink. While another was gazing too long at another female. All this with a combination of being one in the morning and a heat index that hasn’t dropped in weeks made for a long evening. It turned into hours of arguing and negotiating with the police department. As I lay there too tired from driving hours before I just kept listening and asking my husband if he heard a child’s voice. I needed to know that sweet 10 year old neighbor girl Mia was ok. That unrealistically she had slept through the entire evening. That she had not heard her parents screaming. The cussing. The accusing. The fear. The blame. That her sweet ears had been protected and her eyes closed.

Often I have asked Tim if we could save up for new windows. Windows that are stronger. Windows that keep in the heat. Windows that keep the snow outside.

Windows that keep the sounds out. Windows that keep real life from getting in. Windows that keep the voices from being heard, the cries of a child.

As I lay there that night crying for our neighbors who just need grace and someone to love them where they are at. I decided that new windows can wait. I don’t want to stop hearing what is really going on outside.

Philippians 2:3 do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.


Shawn Karol Sandy said...

You get me every time, Sheli . . . sniff.

ESolgos said...

I felt that post right in the gut. Thank you.