Sunday, July 1, 2012

not a foodie.

i am not a food blogger. or a foodie. although if you would see my hips you would beg to differ. either way i needed to share this amazing recipe that my friend shared with me. it is not healthy in any way. unless you consider peanut butter, sugar, corn syrup and chocolate healthy….then yes, this is right up your alley. i have made this for my kids once a week since summer began. i have to limit it to once a week or i will never weigh in again at weight watchers.

i also thought i would do a little something different on the blog front because i am working on huge writing projects. so, after you make this yumminess for your family could you then keep me in your prayers? i am in the process of writing a memoir about my deep struggles with motherhood and postpartum depression….and only God’s redemption in the end. as well as working on another writing project with a friend on teenage body image and sexuality. so while i take a break from serious blogging i will pop in and out with fun little tidbits. and of course i will let you know when it is time to get on a plane to kiss the sweet cheeks of my gorgeous boy.

until then,…..enjoy!

peanut butter and chocolate popcorn


½ cup of sugar

½ cup of corn syrup

cook on medium heat to a rolling boil.

turn off heat and put on a cool burner.

add ½ cup of peanut butter

¼ cup of chocolate chips

½ teaspoon of vanilla

stir well

pour over 1 bag of popcorn

· i usually double the recipe and air pop the popcorn

warning…..your family will ask you to make this again…and again. happy eating!!!!

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