Thursday, February 9, 2012


when i was younger. much younger like 16 i thought that 40 was ancient. i had in my hair sprayed head that i would never be that old. as i have gotten older and the hairspray has found its way out of my hair i have realized quite a few things….i can’t wait to be 40. can’t wait. 40 means i am one day closer to seeing the face of Christ.

yesterday was by far the best birthday i have had. by far. my youngest blessing was sorely disappointed in the day. their was no party. no hats. no dressing up. not even a cake. but oh was their joy. i woke to my blessings telling me that someone was in the house with a long ponytail. conversation went a little like this…” honey who is it?”….”..i can’t remember but she has the prettiest ponytail mom” ….. “ and you let her in?”….”but mom she had a coffee”…well.of course let her all means let that woman in!

so the morning started with gorgeous purple flowers and my favorite soy beverage. i came downstairs to an amazing letter from the teacher  with a certificate for a weekend away. the day continued with a rockin uganda        t-shirt, lunch out, more little gifts and ended with an evening with francis chan. this was by far the highlight of the day. maybe the last six months…yep. so i headed into the city with two of my crazy friends ( but we so missed this crazy girl). we sang, worshipped, laughed, and squirmed in our seats as francis chan brought out the gospel. he asked us if we really believed the bible to be true than why are we reading it and not doing it? if we truly believed that james 1:27 to be true than why are we not living it? he asked us if we are getting older than why are we buying more things and holding on to our money like it actually matters? he reminded us that we justify our behaviors by picking and choosing what to believe in the bible. and this is not what we are called to do.

it was awesome! awesome. i was not the only one squirming in my seat. it was a call to action. a call to show crazy love. a call to know that our God is not just an all loving God but a God of judgment and redemption. today as christians we like to make our choices fit into what we think is true instead of what God’s word says is true. and he called out those that are preaching falsely. to be aware. to rebuke.

i woke this morning still floating. on fire. ready to go.

to many this may not seem like a perfect day…but to me. this was a crazy chan kind of day and i loved every moment. so thank you. thank you to all of you that have challenged me to live radically. and this year. 37 is going to rock.

p.s. next blog post….giveway….all the things I love….hint…adoption, uganda, chan man….check back soon for valentines love….

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