Wednesday, January 4, 2012

radical kindness.

in my previous post i had mentioned that these next few months i wanted  to write about radical ways we love Christ and love others. this is a subject that is my “on a soap box” issues. i  truly believe that we are called to live as radical believers. radical doers. radical givers. radical servants. radical forgivers. radical grace givers. radical disciples of the King. 

today I wanted to share another amazing woman's thoughts on radical living. she is a fellow writer whom I have grown to admire and can’t wait till our feet our in the same country. she is a gifted and talented mom, author, and radical follower of our Savior. here is her recent post on why do we stop being radically nice to people on dec 26th?

continue to check in with me and join us in the journey of laying it all down for out Savior.

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