Friday, January 20, 2012

not 40 yet.

this weekend we get to celebrate the teachers birthday. to the kids this means donuts, cake, and hopefully some serious sledding. to the teacher is means donuts, cake and avoiding injury while trying to win the race down the hill(ok so we are all a tad competitive in this family). to me it means yogurt, frosting, and trying out my moms recipe for hot coco. 280747_10150258002844291_562784290_7203852_1945102_o

birthdays mean so many things to each of us. and as i think about last year at this time where we were, i am amazed at Gods provision. i think about each year we have been honored to be a part of the teachers story and how each year is a new chapter. he would not admit this but i will. he is becoming more of the man that God intended him to be with each passing day. this year he has gone from a father of four to six. although we have not seen nor know their names he already prays daily for their safety, full bellies, and that they hold on to hope. he has grown to a man who stands up for his family. he advocates for those in his home and pleads to the Father on our behalf. he has made incredible life changing friendships that guide Him closer to Christ. men who hold him accountable and take him where he is at. he has tried to be a better son, brother, and teacher. to say that nothing earth shattering has occurred in our family this year may be true. but up in the heavenlies…wow, God has been busy. Christ has taken this soccer player from where we met and brought him to be the teacher, father, husband , and leader who has now become a servant of the God most High. and for that we are one grateful family. happy birthday tim. we love you.

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