Sunday, January 15, 2012


i have a little confession. i have been ignoring my children since last tuesday. don’t get your panties in a bunch and go and call dcfs. they have been fed, clothed, done school, and gone to bed on time. whether or not what they ate was healthy i will keep that to myself. and we all know that a glass of milk with anything can make it healthy. so you ask why? why have I been neglecting them… this book. yeah. a book. now don’t go being all pious pretending like you have never been sucked into a book. ok maybe it is just me. but when a book calls my name i gladly answer.

“7” is a book written by one of the funniest people on the planet. if we lived in the same town we would totally be friends. even the same state. but instead i will settle for laughing hysterically reading her articles and books way up here in chicagoland. this book has been messing with my head. with my soul. with how i am living. with what i am eating. with how i am treating this planet. with the amount of media that consumes us.

within the next month or so those that want to join us we are taking the “7” challenge. and by “we” i mean a few of my crazy friends. so let me know if you too would like to be a part of this! we will be talking, laughing, crying our way through this seven month challenge. seven months of laying down the excess that we are comforted by. it will be painful i am sure of months of more Jesus and less of us.

if you are up for the challenge order the book here. and let me know if what you think. until then i am going to make poptarts for the kids…and milk.


Blessed Mommy said...

I most def WILL be joining you!! K, gotta go order the book now!! love you!

ESolgos said...

Right with you, sister!