Thursday, November 3, 2011

start with three

as part of our morning routine we have added our “thank you” journals. after we have done our devotions and prayers the blessings and i get out our journals and writing utensils. anything from crayons to mechanical pencils to start writing away. the blessing that would rather play with legos than brush his teeth asked if this meant he could skip his penmanship work. um. no buddy. still have to learn how to write your letters and be thankful.

so our first week of our gratitude journals has been….well. eye opening. of course they started off with the big ones. family. friends. house. food. church. and then the middle blessing asked this question today….what do you think our brother and or sisters in africa are thankful for mom? um. well baby. i am not sure. i am not sure at all. but i pray they are thankful too for food. for friends. for a roof over their heads. for a church. i pray. i pray that they have these things in their lives. i pray that they have water. a place to sleep. i pray they have someone to kiss them to sleep at night. i pray they have stars to look up to at night. i pray they have a meal in their tummies. i pray they have a friend. someone to make them laugh. someone to hold their hand. i pray that they feel Jesus all around them. for this i pray. i pray they have things to be thankful for.

and until we meet them. until we hold them. until we bring them home. i pray that we remain thankful for all we have. thankful for all we hope for.

its a great time to start this with your blessings as well as yourself. we here. in america have so much to be grateful for. if you had a glass of clean water today. be thankful. if you ate one meal today. be thankful. if you went to work today. be thankful. if you have a roof to sleep under. be thankful. if you have a friend. be thankful. if you can worship without being arrested. be thankful. if you have shoes on your feet. be thankful. 

just start. start with three things to be grateful for. and be grateful.

Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song. psalm 95:2

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