Thursday, September 8, 2011

one of those moms

ok. it has been years since i have had any of my kids in preschool. and with my old age. ok maybe just lack of sleep i forget.forget how crazy preschool can be.well maybe not preschool as much as preschool moms. and i apologize already for having offending any of you. let me just remind you of what is considered crazy.

-wearing your heels to drop off your child at 8:50 ( in the morning people)

-wearing heels and you don't work in an office and you are not a shoe model.

-wearing heels and you are not going to a wedding.

-complaining that your child was first in line and that child cut in line. and um. that child is mine.

-arguing with the director on the first day of class that the snacks are not organic.( wow. neither is the starbucks in your hand)

-thinking that your gas guzzling suv has rule of the road.

- thinking that you deserve a better teacher because you paid your tuition in full. great value to teach your child by the way.

as you can tell it was not a rainbows and unicorn experience the first day of class. it was more of a " this cannot be happening" kind of a was more of a reminder of why i love homeschool. that we don't need to be around such amazing social standards if we don't want to be. and if i am caught wearing heels...well that's a whole other topic.

so maybe after a night of sleep and little time with Jesus i will feel better about this.

but until then. my heels are in the closet collecting dust.

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Katie said...

Good gosh, where is your preschool?