Thursday, September 22, 2011


its not one of the stories you tell new moms. or soon to be moms. the story of how my second blessing entered the world. this labor and delivery story was not featured in the “what to expect when your expecting” series. it should have been a lifetime special instead. but since lifetime never picked it up i get to hold on to this gem of a story to pass on to all of you.

before i tell you about the actual day she was born i need to fill you in on the weeks proceeding that magical moment. as i remember it i do believe it was the hottest summers ever recorded in chicago. ok. maybe not the hottest. but when you look like a beached whale and feel like you are living on freshly poured blacktop it is. so it was blazing hot. one afternoon i was sitting on the front step of our home watching my eldest blessing play with the neighbors son. who happened to be a pastors kid who like to melt crayons. but that is a whole other post. anyways. i was watching the two small ones play in the front yard. when all of a sudden one of them stepped into a beehive. yep . apparently bees like to live in the ground as well. and they took up residency in my front yard. my blessing was swarmed by hundreds of bees. i ran to pick her up screaming for someone to come help us. in the mean time the bees chose to have me for lunch. out of no where came the pastor.( the one whose kid melts crayons) and picked up this beached whale. super power God strength is what is was. he carried me to his house and threw me in his tub. i was one hot mess. and that my friends is where the labor story begins…

i started having contractions right away after the whale. bee. tub. incident. but the lovely nurses said i wasn’t ready to deliver so they sent me home. they sent me home four times over the next two weeks. and by this time i was only puffier and fatter. totally hot. in all of my gorgeousness i knew that my little blessing needed to make her way into the world. finally one afternoon i had had enough. she was coming out one way or another. (since this experience my views on labor. birth. and medications have changed radically)( lets just say i am an all natural kind of mom now).i walked into the hospital begging to have them induce me. not a mom moment i am proud of. but i did it. they put me on some sort of drug that made me feel like scratching my eyes out and also those around me. and this feeling lasted for 22 hours. 22 long drawn out. ugly words hours. at some point the teacher had said he was hungry and i told him what he could do with his food. i am telling you i was ugly. but then at 9:22am on 9/22/2000….august 077

horses 063 she was born. screaming to the world. “i am here…and you will never forget it”

no baby. i will never forget how you got here. who you are. and who Christ is making you in to. you have changed our lives. made us all funnier people. and taught us that to play is to really live. i love you kennedy zidane massie. to the moon and back i love you.

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