Wednesday, June 22, 2011

why i love my dad....

so this year i asked the kids to make a list of things or reasons they love their dad. this was not a hard thing to do. i have to say he is an amazing dad. the funny one. the patient one. the crazy one ( not crazy bus crazy) more like start a food fight at the dinner table crazy. the one who will stay up for hours talking to our daughters about random middle school drama. the one who will discipline them for talking back to their mom. the one who will make sure they know who the King is. they adore him. me too.

emerson (age 4)

1. cause sometimes he takes me to mcdonalds when mom isn't home.

2.he gets me milk when i'm thirsty.

3. he makes me giggle.
4. he plays babies with me and dresses them too.
5. helps me put on my pj's
6. he laughs.

kaiden( age 7)

1.reads me books
2 he likes to play legos and i let him play with me

3.teaches me to play baseball

4. he is helping me be a soccer star like him ( too funny)

5.helps me ride my bike

kennedy (age 10)

1.he likes to talk to me and i like to talk to him

2.he takes me places with him

3.he likes to color with me

4. he puts me to bed

5. he makes me laugh really hard

avery (age 13)

1. he jokes with me

2. plays catch with me

3. takes me places

4.talks to me

5. teaches me stuff ( love the english)

6.he is my captain fantastic

yep.....he is all of that....we are one lucky home....


ESolgos said...

LOVE! What a GREAT picture, too!

Elisabeth Corcoran said...

Sweet family...thank you for being an example! We love the Massie's!

Katie said...

Went you sent me your email...I got to stalk your blog! So cute! I meant to tell you that my sis in law is planning on making and selling bath salts and shampoo bars for a fund raiser for her adoption. When she makes them and it isn't a disaster I will let you know the recipe...if you wanna go that route. So glad that I have gotten to meet you!