Saturday, June 18, 2011

two arms are overrated

she makes a list for everything. a list of books to read. a list of accomplishments (including licking her own nose). a list of grades she has gotten in school. a list of friends she loves. but the most important list for her is her "100 things i will do this summer list". some of these things include...

1.go to africa ( not yet baby)

5.swim with turtle in the bathtub( gross right?)

6.go surfing ( only in lake michigan)

8.go to michigan

10.join a running club( got some fancy new shoes really cheap!)

17.climb 100 trees

well needless to say number 17 has changed her summer. we went from planning her summer adventures to planning her summer one armed activities. yet she is so determined. and by determined i mean stubborn. she is determined to still complete most of those activities. even after falling from a tree and breaking her arm and shoulder. so now she is making a different list.

"100 things i can do this summer with one arm."

1.can still swim with the turtle in the bathtub ( yep, still gross)

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