Sunday, March 27, 2011

26.2 Miles

Growing up, I wanted to be as cool as my big sister. Wilson Phillips – loved them. French rolled pants – rocked them. Scrunching the socks – layered them. I remember growing up, and watching every move she made – because that is what I wanted to be. She has also been an inspiration to me. (By the way thank you for the amazing fashion of the early 90s). And as I take on this journey, she continues to inspire me.

My name is Rachel. For those who do not know me – maybe you have heard of me though J, I am Sheli’s little (well, middle) sister. A while back, after Sheli’s first trip to Africa, I remember a conversation we had. I heard the joy and spark in her voice, as she told me about the amazing journey she had started. And then I knew – I knew for certain that her path in life would forever be changed.

So you may be saying to yourself – get to the point. Well here it is. A year ago I started to run. My goal was a mile or two – no big deal. So then I signed up for a few 5k runs, and a couple 10k runs. And it was fun. Then for some reason, some friends and I decided to do a half-marathon. I remember thinking about the people running the marathon, and saying to myself and most likely aloud, they are some crazy people. 26.2 miles – insane. Well, I finished the half-marathon, and Sheli called to congratulate me and to make sure I was still walking J. Then I distinctly recall her saying, “Have you thought about the next race – maybe racing for a cause?”

Here it is. I am running the Chicago Marathon on October 9, 2011. I am going to be part of the 1% of the world’s population to take part in a 26.2 mile challenge. I am running for a cause. I am running to bring them home. I am running along the path that God has set forth for myself, and for the Massie family. And I will run to bring 2 new members to the Massie family – for my future niece(s) or nephew(s). They are my inspiration.

Love and running shoes,



Avery said...
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sheli said...

i am so proud of you. you make me a better person. a better sister. run rachel run. uganda is waiting for you to run....

Blessed Mommy said...

so awesome!!