Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i am a little obsessed. obsessed with snow. my friends think it is crazy strange. others think i am kidding when i say i wish for snow every winter night. but snow to me means something else. snow doesn't mean ice, cold feet, or cars that don't start. snow doesn't mean snow plows, can't get out of the driveway, or salt all over your boots. snow doesn't mean frigid temps, blowing, and no visibility. snow doesn't mean those things to me.
snow means a different time in my life. snow means michigan to me. snow means moms homemade chicken soup and bread i can still smell coming out of the oven. snow means snowmobiling behind my best friends house with her older brother and all of his friends who we had secret crushes on. snow means the biggest snowman ever built with all of the odd mittens and scarves we found in the basement. snow means homemade hot chocolate with as many marshmellows as we could fit on top. snow means taking our sleds out and climbing to the top of the dunes of lake michigan. snow means building a snow fort at the end of the driveway with my dad and brothers. snow is going to dog sled races with my grandma and grandpa.snow means going for walks underneath the street lights and watching the glistening pieces hit my nose. snow means new mittens. snow means michigan. and snow means everything to me.

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