Wednesday, October 20, 2010


in 1985 i still made lists to santa. my brothers and i would each write out our requests. some were easier to read than others. and some were much more detailed with pictures and directions.we would spend weeks perfecting the perfect lists. we figured out along the way to put different things on the lists that went to each grandparent. although we were all a little confused when we ended up with underwear and new socks each year. we all looked at each other wondering who was the wise guy that put that on their list. my siblings and i would challenge each other to see who could actually stay up all night. and we swore that on green st. we saw santa's sleigh every year flying over the power company. and after a restful three hours of sleep my brothers would wake the rest of us up to race to the tree. screaming with delight that santa actually came. that all of the arguing, fighting, breaking windows, having your mouth rinsed out with soap hadn't mattered to santa... because he still showed up. we would eagerly try and read the extensive letter that santa would leave each year next to the crumb filled plate and empty milk glass. somehow never realizing that santa and dad had the same horrible handwriting. so we would pass off the letter to the sibling that was calm enough to read it. we would hear of how proud santa was of all of us. making jokes as to how he knew that we cut each others hair or that we forgot to do our chores . santa just knew.

and in 1985 my list to santa looked a little like this:

1. care bear( sunshine or friendship please, or good luck bear)

2.strawberry shortcake alarm clock bike (with a basket and a bell)

4. clothes (not uniform clothes)

5.pound puppy ( and not the same as my brother cause i don't want to share) little pony (pink)

7. jump rope ( long one)

8. did i mention a new bike?

9.gum markers

but today it is 2010 and my ten year old handed me her christmas list. it looks a little different then mine in 1985. i was very different then her. she is very different than me. she has a heart i can't comprehend and compassion that extends around the world. and a spunkiness she got from her uncle josh.

kennedy's list:

1. feed a hungry baby for a week

2.teach a child to read and write saving mosquito nets meals

5. household water filters a child take the greatest journey with Jesus parcels


9.sports gear for a child

she decided that she has enough. she has enough toys. she has enough and others have nothing. she read through the samaritans purse catalog and decided that she wants others to have this christmas. she has started to ask for money for chores and bracelets that she makes in the basement. she traded in her gift card for her birthday so she can buy more things for other children. she makes me think. she makes me think that i am glad its not 1985.


Cheryl said...

Wow, Shel, I'm in awe. You and Tim and the Lord are amazing parents. And Kennedy is an incredible example for all of us. Thanks for sharing.
(and you have a real gift for writing!) Love, Aunt Cher

ESolgos said...

God is doing a new thing in this generation! What a privilege to raise these young women who have hearts like Jesus. Blessed to know you.

Hannah Viney said...

Wow! I cried! Amazing