Tuesday, July 7, 2009


seriously. are you kidding me.

we are worried about our son not getting in to the right class. we are worried about our daughter not having the right clothes for school. we are worried that our child will not be with her friends in her new class. we are worried that our husband won't get the bonus we thought he would get. we are worried that our painter didn't get all the spots. we are worried we won't have enough time to go to starbucks. we are worried that people will notice we don't have a new dress for the party. we are worried our neighbors have a better car, yard, decorator, kid than us. we are worried that a celebrity dies.we are worried that we don't have our kids signed up for enough. we are worried that we keep working out and can't get as thin as she is. we are worried that we don't eat organic. we are worried that we don't worry enough.

seriously. stop.

enough is enough.

a mother in liberia deserves to worry.

worry about if her child will eat today. will eat this week. will wake up. she can worry.

so stop. seriously. if you need to worry. worry. and then pray. pray for the children who can't go to school.pray for child who has no friends. pray for the husband who can't feed his family. pray for the mother who has a tin roof and dirt floor. pray for those dying from parasites. pray for those afflicted with aids. pray. and then worry. worry if you think this all isn't your concern.

jesus didn't say take care of your own.

he said take care of my people.

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ESolgos said...

Preach it. Amen.

Jesus did not die so we could be safe, He died so we could be free. The bible talks so much about us needing to share in the sufferings of Christ, so why do we make every decision based on how we can best maintain our safety and comfort?